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Edwards Mansion

Edwards Mansion

This is a painterly version of Edwards Mansion, one of the early homes of Redlands, CA. This 14 room home was originally built in 1890 on Cajon Street by James Edwards, one of the pioneer citizens and citrus growers of the area.

In 1973 the mansion was determined one of the best of the old Victorians of Redlands, and was moved (cut in two and transported 5 miles through Redlands) to the site of the Old Barton Ranch, one of the most fertile and picturesque of all the old California estates.

It served as an inn and restaurant for years, but is currently a wedding venue, with the Orange Tree Chapel on the grounds, where wedding ceremonies are conducted.

This is the first time I have photographed it with its current paint job. I happened by today and stopped with my cell phone only, and took pics of the mansion and the chapel.
Judith Sparhawk